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Apr 27th, 2021

Model: MR-J3-11KA
MITSUBISHI motor universal AC servo amplifier MELSERVO-J3 series.
Rated output: 11.0kw.
Interface type: general pulse interface type.
Power specification: three phase AC200V.
Higher performance, more features, more convenient to use.
Highest performance in the industry.
Speed response frequency up to 2.1kHz.
Motor series: low inertia, medium capacity.
Rated output power: 7.0kw.
Rated speed: 1500rpm.
The rotor of the servo motor is a permanent magnet, which is controlled by the U/V/W,
The rotor rotates under the action of the magnetic field, and the encoder feedback signal of the motor is given to the driver,
According to the feedback value and the target value, the driver adjusts the rotation angle of the rotor MITSUBISHI MR-J3-11KA MR-J3-11KA
Accuracy of the servo motor depends on the accuracy of the encoder (number of lines). 1 axis servo amplifier.
Compatible motor: HG-KN202J-S100, HG-KN202BJ-S100, HG-KN152J-S100, HG-KN152BJ-S100 MITSUBISHI Flat type medium and small power motor.
Superior basic performance and advanced ease of use, to promote the process of equipment servo.
MR-JE-B support servo network.
Can achieve the system of high response speed, multi axis, the performance of tthe synchronization, the line of the line MR-J3-11KA.
In addition, the encoder can be used as an absolute position encoder in a servo motor.
The absolute position detection system.
At the same time, the high performance of the equipment ccan be realized by the simple movement module, such as the mark detection, the electronic cam, the advanced synchronization control function and so on MITSUBISHI MR-J3-11KA.
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