Mitsubishi Motion controller MR-MQ100 แบบแกนเดียว

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Nov 15th, 2021

Mitsubishi Motion controller MR-MQ100 แบบแกนเดียว

This is a high-functional compact Motion controller with built-in interfaces for incremental synchronous encoder and mark detection signal.
◎ By connecting with an SSCNET III compatible servo amplifier, broad range of motors can be used, including rotary/linear servo motors and direct drive motors.


◎ Synchronous control with standard speed is possible by connecting an incremental synchronous encoder.
◎ Graphic operation terminal (GOT) can be connected via RS-422 communication interface as well as Ethernet interface.
◎ This Motion controller receives and sends input/output signals (Input: 16 points, Output: 16 points) and analog input/output data (A/D: 2 points, D/A: 2 points) from/to MR-J3-D01 extension IO unit, and uses them for control.


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